Holiday Greetings from Principal Coleman

Hello CLIP Community,

I consider myself an optimist, however, there is a lot of evidence to suggest the best is yet to come for CLIP and something I firmly believe, regardless of my positive nature. In the Fall of 2018, CLIP will enter into it's 20th year of existence, a tremendous milestone and something to certainly celebrate. In addition, we have also started the discussion with our new Superintendent, Dr. Baker, about CLIP moving to their own site.  Engaging you all in that process will prove to be a rewarding experience that I'm certain will ignite a warm feeling of pride that could firmly establish the future of CLIP for years to come. Thank you all for your generosity, commitment, and partnership in helping ensure that CLIP continue as the premier Mandarin language immersion program in the country.

On a personal note, many of you are aware that Serena and I have been fostering two sons (ages 5 and 8) for the last 8 months. This calling has humbled us and at the same time brought us tremendous joy.  I'm happy to share that over the Holiday Break, we will officially adopt our boys and make our "forever family" a reality.  A picture in my office reads, While we try and teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. As an educator, I've aways felt the greatest resource we have as a school, is our students. As a parent, this message has new meaning, is more personal, and helps me appreciate one of the greatest gifts I have have yet to receive. To learn from and serve children, as what I do as a job and for a living. I feel truly blessed for all that I have been given and thankful that in some little way, I get to share that with all of you.  

Please take time this Holiday season to cherish what you value, create margin to appreciate it, and be thankful for everything you have.  I wish you all a restful and relaxing Holiday Season!
With Joy,

Mr. Coleman
Meyerholz Elementary School


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