Direct Give Contest Kick-Off!

Dear CLIP families, Welcome to the kick-off of our 2017 Direct Give Contest! Each year we raise funds in order to sustain our wonderful CLIP program. Regular district funds are not enough to cover both Chinese and English aspects of the program. Your contributions support Mandarin curriculum development, Mandarin classroom teaching materials, instructional aides, textbooks, Chinese cultural/enrichment activities, and more.   CLIP is our community, and we need everyone to do their part to help. This includes donating your grade’s full recommended ask amount to sustain the program, volunteering on the CLIPCO subcommittees, and supporting CLIP in general.  The donation ask amounts are reasonable compared to other Bay Area schools who ask $800-$2000 per student (without Chinese immersion benefits), or Chinese bilingual private schools that cost more than $25,000 a year. This year's Direct Give Campaign started on the first day of school with a pledge form in your child's first day pa…

Introducing Our New Website!

We are pleased to announce CLIPCO's new website!  Over the summer, we had a team of CLIP alumni designing and developing our new site!  The CLIPCOders team, led by college freshman Jasper Edbrooke, include Evan Cleve, and Alex Minooka, all students who graduated from CLIP in 2014.
Visit the site often for updates, announcements and special features, such as spotlights on students, teachers and parents.  The new design is mobile-friendly, and will have all your news and updates for CLIP!
We interviewed Jasper to find out more about the strategy and design behind the new website:

Teacher Spotlight - Anna Tsai

Every month we will feature a current student, teacher or alumni from CLIP to showcase on our blog.  If you are interested in being featured, contact

Who are you?
My name is Anna Tsai.  I was a CLIP parent before becoming a CLIP teacher. I received my B.A. in Economics, Minor in Psychology from U.C. Davis and worked as a financial analyst for many years. After staying home with both my children for eight years, I decided to follow my passion to become a teacher. Two years later I received my Multiple Subjects credential from San Jose State. I love being a teacher and love being with my students everyday. Both of my children, who are in college, graduated from CLIP program, the very same program I teach in.

When did you join the CLIP teaching staff?  What grade do you teach?
I did my student teaching as a long-term substitute for CLIP 2nd grade in 2006. A year later I officially joined CLIP staff, teaching 1st grade. This is my 10th year teaching in the same grade.

What …

Letter from the President

Dear CLIP Families,

On behalf of CLIPCO, I want to welcome you to the new school year. And to our kinder parents and new families, a special welcome to you!  My name is Sylvia Leong, and I am the new CLIPCO president for 2017-18.  This is my ninth year in CLIP - my older child just graduated from the CLIP program, and my younger child is starting her 7th grade year at Miller.  I remember when our son got into CLIP, we felt like we literally won the lottery! Our family has had an amazing journey through CLIP, and it's my hope that you will have a great experience as well.

As you begin this new school year, I want to share personally with you two things that have helped me and my family make the most of our time in CLIP.

1) Don't do it alone.  Being a part of a bilingual program is both an opportunity and a challenge. Our students receive more education, and more is expected of them.  It requires additional time and effort for the student and the family.  Get to know the othe…

Cherry Blossoms in CLIP Art

Cherry blossoms! Our kindergarteners letting their artistic gifts flow! They learned about seasonal blossoms and how to identify cherry blossom vs peach or plum blossom. The students used drinking straws and ink to blow shapes of branches, and used q-tips for blossom stamping.  CLIP students from Kindergarten to 8th grade get a special Chinese Art class once a month, thanks to CLIPCO funds.  

Alumni Spotlight - Sabrina Chi

Every month we will feature a current student, teacher or alumni from CLIP to showcase on our blog.  If you are interested in being featured, contact
Who are you?
My name is Sabrina and I will be attending UC Irvine this coming fall. My major will be Business Information Systems and I will be in the graduating class of 2021. 

What grade did you join the CLIP program?
I joined CLIP in kindergarten and continued all the way up until eighth grade. 

What are some of your hobbies or special interests?
My hobbies include gymnastics and doodling in my free time. 

What is your favorite subject in school?
My favorite subject in school is math because I enjoy problem solving and using my creativity to figure out how to solve a problem. 

Tell us about one special memory you have from CLIP that you enjoyed. 
My favorite part of CLIP was always CLIP Art. I always enjoyed doodling and was always trying ways to express my creativity and so I loved being able to simultaneously learn about C…

CLIPCO Graduation Celebration

Nearly 500 guests and over 80 volunteers came together June 2, 2017 to celebrate our 5th graders promoting to middle school and our 8th graders graduating from the CLIP program!
It was a wonderful time with entertaining performances.  The 5th graders brought us songs and dancing with Youth Manual青春修煉手冊 and Flying with A Carefree Heart 放心去飛. Our 8th graders reminded us of the lasting power of friendship and hope with songs Friends 朋友 and Tomorrow Will be a Brighter Day 明天會更好.  

We were honored to have Stacy McAfee, interim Superintendent of the Cupertino Union School District, attend our celebration.  We also want to thank CUSD board member Liang Chao, also a fellow CLIP parent, who gave our graduates an encouraging charge as they move to the next step in their academic career.

We closed our ceremony with a bittersweet goodbye to Principal Steve Burrell, as he moves on to an new role at Union School District.  We thank him for his 26 years of service at CUSD, and his last 5 years as Prin…