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Alumni Spotlight - Maxwell Ruckstuhl and Kelly Ruckstuhl

Every month we will feature a current student, teacher or alumni from CLIP to showcase on our blog. This month we are pleased to spotlight a brother and sister alumni pair, Maxwell and Kelly Ruckstuhl. If you are interested in being featured, contact

Tell us your name and grade/school and/or current occupation:

Maxwell Ruckstuhl
BS Physiology and Neuroscience, UCSD 2016
BA Psycholinguistics and Cognition, UCSD 2016
PhD student, University of Michigan Neuroscience Graduate Program

Kelly Ruckstuhl
UC Davis (2014-2017), double majored in Economics and International Relations
Currently at Marketing Evolution (marketing analytics/attribution SaaS) -- doing business development

What grade did you join the CLIP program, what year did you graduate from CLIP?

Maxwell: I joined in 3rd grade and graduated from CLIP in 2008.
Kelly: I joined in 1st grade and graduated in 8th grade in 2009.

What are some of your hobbies or special interests?

Maxwell: Cooking, reading, hiking
Kelly: Rea…