Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

Dear CLIP families,

Welcome to the 2018-2019 CLIP school year! I hope you all had a fun, restful summer. 

As you may know, CLIP depends completely on donations to fund the programs not covered by normal school district funds. These programs include the Mandarin Chinese curriculum, CLIP Art program, and Homework Club. Last year, we raised a total of $321,560 ($258,996 from your generous donations, $62,564 in corporate matches.) Earlier this year, Cupertino Union School District agreed to contribute ~$70,000 towards curriculum and 6th grade zero period staffing costs. With this additional support, this year’s CLIP budget has been reduced to $288,366. For more information about the breakdown of the budget, see page 2. The lower budget target has allowed us to lower the per student minimum donation amount for this year! The minimum ask for Kindergarten through 5th grade is $425 per student. The 6th through 8th grade minimum ask is $200 per student. We would like to thank the district for their support of the CLIP program.

Give your donation early and qualify to receive a CLIP window cling (similar to the image below). Donations can be made by check or online via http://www.cusdclipco.org/donate. CLIPCO prefers donations to be made by check as there is convenience fee assessed against all online donations. To reduce the crunch during the November Direct Give Campaign, we are encouraging people to donate early! Bring your donation to the CLIP table at Meyerholz Back to School Night to receive your sticker! For Miller students, turn in your form and check to your child’s CLIP teacher by Friday Aug 31, 2018 to qualify for the CLIP window cling.

CLIP is grateful for the financial support received from our community. We would like to recognize your generosity by displaying your name on the CLIPCO website throughout the school year after the Direct Give Contest. Donors also have the option to remain anonymous. Tiers of recognition below are per student.

Kindergarten - 5th grade
6th grade - 8th grade
donation of $425
donation of $200
donation of $426 to $650
donation of $201 to $325
donation of $651 - $949
donation of $326 to $474
donation of $950 or more
donation of $475 or more

CLIPCO is a 501(c) (3) organization. Donations are considered tax-deductible. Your company may offer a matching gifts program. Corporate matches are very important to the CLIP program. Parent donation alone does not cover our fundraising goal. In past years, your corporate matches have contributed about 20% of the total fundraising goal. Please also understand that the corporate match is additional and does not replace your minimum donation ask. Don’t forget to submit your request for matching gifts to your company.

We hope you and your children are looking forward to another year of learning and fun. On behalf of the CLIPCO board, thank you for your continued support.

Sylvia Leong, 
President CLIPCO Board

亲爱的 CLIP 大家庭,

欢迎来到 2018-2019 CLIP 学年!我希望你们都有过一个充满乐趣,悠闲的夏天。

您可能已知道,CLIP 是完全依靠捐款来资助一般学区基金未能涵盖的项目。这些课程包括普通话中文`课程, CLIP 艺术课程和家庭作业小组。去年,我们共筹集
了 321,560 美元(慷慨捐赠共 258,996 美元,公司配合共 62,564 美元。)今年早些时候,Cupertino Union 学区同意 为课程和 6 年级零期人员费用提供约 70,000 美元。有了这一额外支持,今年的 CLIP 预算已降至 288,366 美元。 有关预算明细的更多信息,请参阅第 2 页。较低的预算目标让我们能够降低今年每位学生的最低捐赠金额!幼儿 园到 5 年级的最低要求是每名学生 425 美元。 6 至 8 年级的最低要求是每名学生 200 美元。我们要感谢学区对 CLIP 计划的支持。

尽早捐赠并能获得 CLIP 窗口保持资格(类似于下图)。捐款可以通过支 票或在线通过 http://www.cusdclipco.org/donate 进行。 CLIPCO 更愿意获得通过支票进行捐赠,因为所有在线捐款 都需扣除便利费。为了减少 11 月直播活动期间的紧缩,我们鼓励人们尽早捐款!请将您的捐款带到 Meyerholz Back to School Night 的 CLIP 桌面,以获得贴纸!对于 Miller 中学的学生,请在 2018 年 8 月 31 日星期五之前交回 您的表格并和您孩子的 CLIP 老师联系,以获得 CLIP 窗口保留的资格。

CLIP 非常感谢我们社区提供的财务支持。在直接赠送比赛后,我们希望通过整个学年在 CLIPCO 网站上显示您 的名字来表彰您的慷慨。捐助者也可以选择保持匿名。下面的认可等级是対每位学生的。

幼儿园 - 五年级
六年级 - 八年级
捐赠 425 美元
捐赠 200 美元
捐赠 426 美元至 650 美元
捐赠 201 美元至 325 美元
捐赠 651 美元 - 949 美元
捐赠 326 美元至 474 美元
捐赠 950 美元或以上
捐赠 475 美元或以上

CLIPCO 是一个非营利 501(c)(3)组织。捐款是被视为可以免税的。贵公司可能会提供相配的捐赠计划。公 司相配捐赠对 CLIP 计划非常重要。仅有家长的捐款并不能達到我们的筹款目标。在过去几年中,公司相配捐赠 贡献了总筹款目标的约 20%。另请注意,公司相配捐赠是额外的,不能用以取代您的最低捐款要求。请别忘记 向贵公司提交相配捐赠的请求。

我们希望您和您的孩子们期待着又一年的学习和乐趣。我谨代 表 CLIPCO 董事会,感谢您的继续支持。

Sylvia Leong,总裁



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