Student Spotlight - Gillie Ross

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Who are you?
My name is Gillie Ross, I’m in the 4th Grade

How long have you been in the CLIP program?
I started in Kindergarten, so 5 years now.  My brother and sister are also in the program with me.

What are some of your hobbies or special interests?
I like hockey and Karate.  I'm the goalie on a girls travel hockey team, and I'm 5th kyu in Karate.  And lately I've been singing a lot of Hamilton and Moana songs.

What is your favorite subject in school?
PE's my favorite, but I like writing and reading too.  They're a bit more useful.   

What's your favorite after-school activity?
Karate is my favorite.  I like learning new things, and how to protect myself.   

Tell us about a special activity from CLIP that you enjoy.
I've been in the Chinese New Year Parade for 3 years.  Hopefully next year I can be a drummer.    The competition is fun, and it's really exciting when we get on TV.  We've won our division one of those years.   

Why do you love CLIP?
There are two reasons I love CLIP - it has a lot of special activities and I can't believe that I'm actually learning another language!   AND, when I talk to my brother and sister in Mandarin, Mom and Dad don't know what we're saying!


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