CLIPCO Graduation Celebration

Nearly 500 guests and over 80 volunteers came together June 2, 2017 to celebrate our 5th graders promoting to middle school and our 8th graders graduating from the CLIP program!

It was a wonderful time with entertaining performances.  The 5th graders brought us songs and dancing with Youth Manual 青春修煉手冊 and Flying with A Carefree Heart 放心去飛. Our 8th graders reminded us of the lasting power of friendship and hope with songs Friends 朋友 and Tomorrow Will be a Brighter Day 明天會更好.  

We were honored to have Stacy McAfee, interim Superintendent of the Cupertino Union School District, attend our celebration.  We also want to thank CUSD board member Liang Chao, also a fellow CLIP parent, who gave our graduates an encouraging charge as they move to the next step in their academic career.

We closed our ceremony with a bittersweet goodbye to Principal Steve Burrell, as he moves on to an new role at Union School District.  We thank him for his 26 years of service at CUSD, and his last 5 years as Principal at Miller Middle School.  

During the reception, the Shaolin Kung Fu Lion Dance troupe, made up of all CLIP alumni and students, performed a lucky dance for us. Thanks for Sifu Stephen Chew and his team for a great show!

Lastly we want to thank the graduation committee and the many volunteers without whom this event would not have happened!  The CLIP family is strong because of our parents and the graduation is just another example of how our community comes together!

Thank you so much to Ms. Yin-Yin Pao, and Ms. Grace Robinson for their dedication and efforts to arrange the performances for the 5th and 8th grades.  The students had great fun with their show and the parents had their cameras ready!


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