New ASEP Cooking Class for CLIP

CLIPCO's After School Enrichment Program (ASEP) launched a new class this year - cooking! The class is currently offered to 4th graders and up. Through this series of cooking lessons, the students will:
- gain appreciation of cuisines around the world
- increase knowledge of seasonal produce preparation
- learn both up-to-date and classic techniques
- work effectively and sensibly in team environment (clean as we go)
- celebrate creativity in Culinary Arts

The class is being taught by CLIP parent Kathleen Ko. She started the course teaching the students how to make Bruschetta. Kathleen says, "In-season produce taste the best! We started our very first lesson with a nice tomato appetizer. We got sweet 100, sun gold, early girls… and few other types of tomatoes. We learned how to make basil chiffonade and what we need to make garlic and oregano infused oil. For the fancy version, students learned how to easily peel off tomato skins using blanch & shocking method. We learned to use mini-melon ballers to scoop out grape and plum pearls, not only to look good but more importantly, adds another layer of flavor to this classic dish."

For their second lesson, the students learned how to make seasonal soup. They learned how to make a cartouche, and how to create silky-finish soup with chinois and vita prep-- use the right tool for the right job! To dress up the plate, they learned the techniques to create olive oil tuilles.


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