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Letter from the President

Dear CLIP Families,

On behalf of CLIPCO, I want to welcome you to the new school year. And to our kinder parents and new families, a special welcome to you!  My name is Sylvia Leong, and I am the new CLIPCO president for 2017-18.  This is my ninth year in CLIP - my older child just graduated from the CLIP program, and my younger child is starting her 7th grade year at Miller.  I remember when our son got into CLIP, we felt like we literally won the lottery! Our family has had an amazing journey through CLIP, and it's my hope that you will have a great experience as well.

As you begin this new school year, I want to share personally with you two things that have helped me and my family make the most of our time in CLIP.

1) Don't do it alone.  Being a part of a bilingual program is both an opportunity and a challenge. Our students receive more education, and more is expected of them.  It requires additional time and effort for the student and the family.  Get to know the othe…

Cherry Blossoms in CLIP Art

Cherry blossoms! Our kindergarteners letting their artistic gifts flow! They learned about seasonal blossoms and how to identify cherry blossom vs peach or plum blossom. The students used drinking straws and ink to blow shapes of branches, and used q-tips for blossom stamping.  CLIP students from Kindergarten to 8th grade get a special Chinese Art class once a month, thanks to CLIPCO funds.