Teacher Spotlight - Anna Tsai

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Who are you?
My name is Anna Tsai.  I was a CLIP parent before becoming a CLIP teacher. I received my B.A. in Economics, Minor in Psychology from U.C. Davis and worked as a financial analyst for many years. After staying home with both my children for eight years, I decided to follow my passion to become a teacher. Two years later I received my Multiple Subjects credential from San Jose State. I love being a teacher and love being with my students everyday. Both of my children, who are in college, graduated from CLIP program, the very same program I teach in.

When did you join the CLIP teaching staff?  What grade do you teach?
I did my student teaching as a long-term substitute for CLIP 2nd grade in 2006. A year later I officially joined CLIP staff, teaching 1st grade. This is my 10th year teaching in the same grade.

What are some of your hobbies or special interests?
I love traveling and enjoy playing tennis, hiking, camping, playing cards, and having a nice cup of latte with friends. I grew up speaking 4 different dialects. I like learning new languages. This is my 3rd year learning German. As one may expect, I watch many German movies whenever I can.

What is your favorite subject to teach and why?
I love teaching Chinese. I particularly enjoy reading historic Chinese tales to my students. Those exotic plots with talking animals, imaginary ghosts and fire-breathing dragons create great story elements for my students. These are the stories that I grew up with, stories that my grandparents used to tell me. I am thrilled for the opportunity to share these traditions with my students.

Tell us about your favorite annual school event. 
My favorite annual activity is the 1st grade Chinese New Year celebrations. It is one of the few occasions when all 1st graders from Meyerholz get together celebrating the New Year. The special day is always filled with fun festivities in the GLC and ends with a fabulous performance by the CLIP 1st grade students.

Why do you think bilingual education is important?
Bilingual education is important because it broadens one’s perspective and enables one to be more open-minded and receptive to other people and their cultures.

What advice do you have for current CLIP students?
I want to tell CLIP students that one day they will appreciate their ability to be bilingual and bilateral. At that time, they can come back and thank their teachers.

What advice do you have for current CLIP parents?
I want to tell CLIP parents to continue supporting their kids’ education by volunteering in schools and classrooms. Their active involvement is one of the reasons why this program is so successful.


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